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If you had to pick a room in the house that is not quite big enough, no doubt at the top of your list would be the closet.  Yesterday’s closets which consisted of a rod and shelf are today’s formal dressing rooms.  From tilt-out hampers to dressers to swivel mirrors and pullout ironing boards perfectly placed in the space, make it not only functional but beautiful as well.

Can I fit an island in my closet?

We frequently get asked, “Do I have room for an island?” The answer depends on both the size of your closet and the island. Are you wanting an island with shoe shelving, drawers or a tilt-out hamper?

Typically, a minimum of 30” to 36” is optimal space needed to comfortably walk around the island. Consideration should be given to clearance when opening a drawer or tilting-out a hamper comfortably. This can easily be determined by taking blue tape to lay out your closet on the floor. Be sure to allow 24” for clothes to hang out and 30”-36” for your path. You’ll quickly determine if your closet has room for an island.

As an option, consider putting an ottoman in the space. This is a cost-effective way to dress up the closet and provide function. It can be moved around, used to layout your clothes for a trip and provide a place to sit when putting on your shoes.

Do you recommend storing shoes in a box or on a shelf?

Shoes should be stored in a way that inspired you to wear them. We recommend storing shoes on a shelf in a tall shoe shelving tower to maximize your storage space, this will help keep them organized and easily accessible.

However, there are shoes for seasonal wear or special occasions, whether it is your favorite pair of designer sneakers or your Christian Louboutin heels. For these shoes we recommend storing in a clear storage shoe container. This will not only keep them visible but clean and dust free. To avoid attracting mold place a silicone gel pack inside the container to absorb any moisture from perspiration.

Is slanted shoe shelving or flat shoe shelving better in a closet?

Slanted shoe shelving can be an attractive way to display your shoes. It can also make them more visible and accessible should you decide to go higher than 72”h. Keep in mind, the number of shoes that can be stored with slanted shelving verses flat shelving will change. This is because angling the shelves require more space and decreases the number of shelves that can fit in a shoe tower.

If maximizing your shoe storage is key, Tailored Closets recommends doing a combination of slanted and flat shoe shelving. This can be accomplished by slanting the top 3 or 4 shelves where the shoes would be difficult to see and doing flat shelving for the lower shelves to maximize the storage. However, if storage is not an issue then by all means slant all the shelves to achieve the look you are wanting.

Is there a benefit to a floor standing closet system verses a closet system that hangs off the wall?

This is determined by your preference and budget. Floor standing will give you a more custom built-in look but will add to the cost. Whereas a closet system that is suspended from the wall can be just as secure, attractive, functional, and more economical. However, we recommend not suspending a dresser from the wall since this is the heaviest component in a custom closet. Clothes, shelving and shoe shelving can be suspended from the wall. We recommend doing a combination of floor standing and wall hung. This gives you the best of both worlds, it is easier on the wallet and provides a custom built-in look.

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