While kitchens have gotten bigger, there is an additional need for pantry storage.  Whether it is bulk purchases from Costco, appliances storage or adequate shelving for food items, equip your pantry with features like: adjustable shelving, pullout drawers, pull-out baskets and platter shelving.   Create your perfect pantry and inspire your inner-chef.

How Can I Organize My Pantry?

Tailored Closets can offer several design ideas from simple open shelves to enclosed shelving depending on the size of the space and how you desire it to be used. Is the space used strictly for food storage or is it a multipurpose pantry/utility space? Is there a need for storing large appliances or storing bulk Costco items?

We recommend 14” or 16” adjustable shelving for food items. This works best so items do not get lost in the back of the shelf. Additional shelves can be added to accommodate smaller items like spices and can goods. Corner or deeper shelves are helpful in storing larger appliances, such as, a bread maker, mixer or blender. Consider adding drawers in a pantry for organizing lose items or cleaning cloths, light bulbs and batteries if it is also used as a utility space

What Accessories Are There To Help Organize The Pantry?

Tailored Closets offers a variety of accessories. Consider using vertical shelves to store cookie sheets and platters. Chrome pull-out baskets for chips, potatoes, onions, etc. Drawers for loose item, such as, snacks spices and packets of food. Pull-out wine racks or spice racks can help keep things organized and looking clutter free. Are you tired of having the dog food in a bag on the floor? We offer a pull-out dog food bin to store your dog food container out of sight. Is there unused wall space behind the door? Consider a wall mounted cleat with grippers for brooms or swiffer or a cleat with hooks for aprons

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